In-home care is not a guaranteed option and if we stay on the path we are on, it will no longer be a viable option.

To be able to deliver the necessary care required for our aging population, the caregiving workforce needs to grow too. It is estimated that through 2028, the long-term care sector will need to fill 8.2 million job openings in direct care.

Without a stable workforce, those seeking in-home care will not be able to access it. Providers of in-home caregivers report having to turn down 50% of those seeking care due to a lack of staffing.

Over 8 Million

home caregivers needed

By 2030 the number of those 65+ will have grown by more than 30%
90% of Americans 65 and older want to age at home1
The caregiving workforce needs to increase by 8.2 million jobs to accommodate the future needs

1Data from the Home Care Association of America and the Global Coalition on Aging

There is more than
one solution.

Communication is critical, as is support from legislators and regulators – both state and federal – and engagement by employers, employees, educators, and others to make a long-lasting impact on the in-home care workforce.


Economic stability

Reliable access to sufficient funding for better compensation for the home care workforce.

Built Environment

A physical environment that supports the health and safety of its workers.


Access to quality educational opportunities that support and promote career advancement.

In-Home Care

Access to comprehensive, high-quality and affordable in-home care services, including preventative care and treatment for illness and injury.

Social & Community Context

Positive interpersonal and community relationships that nurture a united front.

Watch the video
to see the critical problem with today’s home care system

Grant & Bob

Grant Williams has a birthday coming up this month. He splits his time between his mother’s and father’s homes, and his dad Bob is mulling over ideas for Grant’s birthday celebration. Last year, Bob had tickets to take Grant to an interactive multi-media venue in Philadelphia, but the event was cancelled due to quarantine.

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